Our Vision

Complexity, while being an understandable facet of today’s enterprise computing needs, does not have to translate into huge costs and inefficiencies. At Middleware Connections we strongly believe in utilizing Open and Standard Technologies that are proven to significantly reduce costs while avoiding dead-end vendor lock in. We take this vision even further through our expertise in deploying such solutions using Cloud Based Elastic Computing techniques and supplanting architectures with computing appliances.


Migration Factory
WebLogic to JBoss Migration

Solution Architecture & Design
We help our clients realize their business requirements into crystal clear technology blueprints

Project Implementation

We provide measurable, iterative results every step of the way.


We incorporate our testing methodologies into every facet of our architecture, design, and code.

Who We Are


Middleware Connections is a young entrepreneurial company focused on simplifying Software Development and Deployment. With our vast collective experience designing, implementing, and deploying large scale integrated systems for some of the largest enterprises in the Canadian and US markets, we understand the complexity and huge costs associated with such endeavors. We know it doesn’t have to be that way!

We focus on working with our clients in devising innovative and cost effective strategies to drive their business software into being an asset, not a liability.


What we do


WebLogic to JBoss Migration Factory

At Middleware Connections we know that every migration is unique and in most cases, only the most trivial portions can be automated. What can reliably be automated is the inventory of the applications to be migrated. To that end we have built a tool that examines your deployable artifacts (EARs, WARs, JARs, RARs, etc) and the run time environment (WebLogic domain) that the application is running in.

The tool produces reports, in HTML format, on the following information:


  • Class Dependencies
  • WebLogic Server Configuration
  • Application deployment configuration

  • This information enables our Factory to reliably size the effort involved in performing the application migration from WebLogic to JBoss. See a sample report here.

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    Solution Architecture & Design

    We help our clients realize their business requirements into crystal clear technology blueprints that not only reflect the core of the business challenges being addressed through technology, but also focuses on extendibility, scalability, and architecture elegance. Whether you’re ready to take advantage of the latest innovations in enterprise software deployment (Cloud Based, Middleware Appliances, etc) or you’re looking for a more traditional deployment topology, Middleware Connections has the expertise to help you every step of the way and earn a Trusted Advisor position at your teams’ side.

    Project Implementation

    With a strong commitment to Agile Implantation methodologies, Middleware Connections embraces iterative implementation approaches that view change during the implementation phase as a natural prerequisite to the healthy evolution of the solution under implementation. Providing measurable, iterative results every step of the way ensures that we, both your team and ours, stay focused on results.



    When it comes to testing large integrated middleware and services infrastructures, few companies truly understand how to approach such undertaking. At Middleware Connections, our team, collectively, had gone through numerous such projects and we have the scars to prove it! Testing such systems is both a Science and an Art; we take such considerations into account from the beginning and incorporate our testing methodologies and approaches right into every facet of our architecture, design, and code.