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JBoss Migration Factory: How to use new JBoss tools reduce migration risks

July 30 | 2pm EDT (GMT-4 New York)

In this webinar, find out how Red Hat and its channel partners have created processes and a Migration Factory to further mitigate the risks associated with moving applications from proprietary application platforms to the JBoss Platform.

Middleware Connections has donated their Migration Assessment Tool to the Migration Assistance (Maas) project. Learn how this tool can help you create a detailed inventory of your J2EE applications:

  • In the application
  • Packages used
  • Class Usage
  • Class hierarchies and (inter-)dependencies
  • Type of components (HTML, JSP, EJBs, etc …)
  • Library Catalog
  • Potential conflicts and missing components highlighted
  • In the run time environment
  • All relevant server components (Mbeans) (Domain Info, Servers, Connection Pools, JMS, JCA, BEA Specific, etc..)
  • Deployment Artifacts

We will also discuss how this information may be used to size migrations.

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Host: Rich Sharples, Redhat, Director, Product Management

Rich Sharples - Tech Chat on OpenJDK

Mitch Mocle
Mitch Mocle is a Principal at Middleware Connections, the conceptual designer of the JBoss Migration Assessment tool and manager of the Migration Factory. Mitch has 30+ years of experience in technical and product management positions at BEA, Unisys, and Sperry working on everything from the web to mainframes. He is a passionate promoter of Linux.

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